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Freight forwarding isn’t an easy task and you have to keep it in your mind always when you are hiring a freight forwarding company. When you shop around on Internet, there are many international freight forwarding companies that offer high end line of freight forwarding solutions. However, it is not necessary that all services offered by freight forwarding company are necessary for your needs. Moreover, price quotes may also vary significantly and for an individual. Price is the single most deciding factor which comes to play its role in selection or freight shipping company. Let’s discuss about the type of freight shipping in detail as this will help you in making an informed decision on choosing the right freight forwarding company.

Roll-on roll-off, or ‘ro-ro’ type of freight services- These services are used to transport haulage and passenger vehicles.

Container Freight Services – It is used for transporting standard 20′ or 40′ containers. The containers may contain import/export commercial cargo or household goods. The containers may also be used for transporting vehicles from one country to another.

Tanker Freight Services – These services are put to use for transporting carry bulk liquids, such as oil and gas.


General Cargo Freight Services – The services are hired by the companies who are looking forward to transport all kinds of loose packed cargo

Bulk Carrier Freight Services – The services are hired by the companies for transporting huge volumes, single commodity loads, such as coal, grain and ores.

Choosing the right freight forwarding service provider is a daunting task altogether. It is because the costs of international freight forwarding may vary depending upon the international economics. The two most significant factors play the role in increasing or decreasing the freight cost. First is the cost of sea freight charged by freight forwarding company, and second is the cost involved in cargo clearance at the ports.

The actual ocean freight shipping is calculated on the shipping lines standard tariff, thought there are many international freight shippers who will be ready to negotiate the deal and offer discounts on freight forwarding. Again, the rates of freight shippers will vary according to the supply and demand conditions that are prevalent when the hiring a particular freight shipping company.

The price of freight shippers may also be affected as the result of:

  • Congestion charges of the ports that are quite busy
  • Variable rates that are charged for different categories of freight movement
  • Currency adjustment factor (CAF), which is based on the exchange rate changes that happen during the transit
  • Bunker adjustment factor (BAF), which is based on fuel price fluctuation.
  • The amount of surcharges which are levied by ports or shipping lines for covering the costs associated with various port regulatory regimes.

Apart from the above requirements, you also need to have proper freight shipping documents readily available with you. These documents are very necessary in transporting the freight and also help you to keep track of your cargo when in transit or after it has reached the port destination.

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