Black Berry App Must Haves Part 4 Information And Gps Apps}

Submitted by: Pat Munro

There is nothing better than being prepared for anything when you set out for your day. Whether youre traveling, or just trying to find the nearest dry cleaner, you will want to access your BlackBerrys applications to get everything youre looking for. The following are just the tip of the iceberg for Informational and GPS applications. With these apps you will have enough information to conquer the world.

Information Apps

Beyond411 This free app is a convenient mobile search of the yellow pages, maps, directions, white pages, web searches and more.

Poynt This free BlackBerry app is a local search utility that rivals Beyond411. Poynt gives you the same information in a nicer format. You can access GPS location search and integrates with BlackBerry Maps.


Dial0 This is a good one. Tired of waiting on hold and just want to talk to an actual person? Dont wait through annoying prompts any longer. This free app is useful, fast and simple. You can learn tips from others who have shared their experiences, and access thousands of companys actual receptionists.

GPS Apps

Google Maps Mobile Most BlackBerrys come with a built-in GPS. This Google Maps app is one of the best out there. Just like the desk-top version, satellite views, turn-by-turn directions, business search, and add a GPS-enabled, location-based search component for use with your BlackBerry.

Google Latitude This app allows others who are in your contacts list to access and track where you are. These people can track you through your phone, and you through theirs, via Google Maps and their own iGoogle accounts. The user controls the accuracy and details of what others can see. No paranoia here.

Where for BlackBerry This Where app is the easiest and fastest way to get GPS content on your smartphone. When you download this free app, you get a library of free widgets which find the hottest events, best prices, where to find a great steak, or even your local weather repot.

Trapster Once again using BlackBerrys built in GPS abilities; this free app will drop you on the appropriate map with dots indicating speed traps, red light cameras and other misfortunes. It is comparable to the Valentine One GPS system, but of course is free.

WorldMate Live This will be a lifesaver on a road trip, or any trip. With the touch of your finger, you can scan through a list of hotels sorted by distance to your location including prices and a place to book. You can also use this free app to track flights, sort itineraries, convert your currency, and check maps and the weather where youre going. All this and all you will need is a signal, fingers crossed.

Well, there they are. There are so many more available, but I believe these few will get you going in the right direction, with the proper tools. If anything, this article might inspire you to find the exact app for your particular needs, or inspire you to go on the application highway and see the sights for yourself. Its a new world in the realm of technology and smartphones are a conduit to living in this new world. As Hunter S Thompson often said, Buy the ticket and take the ride.

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