Definition Of Hectic

Definition of Hectic


Bramble Bryn

The Definition of Hectic is one that everyone knows. until it comes to describing it. So what is the definition of hectic. Did you know that people search for Definition Hectic on the Google search engine 2000 times a month, and that only on google. people will be searching for the definition of hectic on bing, yahoo, ask and the rest of them as well, lets say that`s got to be about 6000 people a month searching for definition hectic every month.

That`s 72000 people every year searching for definition hectic in total. Thats shocking really. do people not know what it means then. I am going to go into it here. definition of hectic. To me the definition of hectic is, Dis-organised actions, at a fast pace, Feverish activity, confused and a speed speedy pace. This is only if one person is being hectic, If you have a group of people then the definition of hectic changes. The definition of hectic could then be that the situation was hectic even though the people in the situation wore organise but working or acting in a speedy way. The dis-organisation part of the definition of hectic would not then apply. It could also be considered to he hectic if a situation gets out of control, this definition of hectic, a situation being out of control, would perhaps de the definition of hectic that most people would associate with the word. Alternatives to the word hectic. would depend on the form of the original word, Other definitions for the word hectic would depend on the context Hectic Fever on Hectic Flush are words associated with Tuberculosis. Feverish and agitated are also other definition of hectic, If your are very busy or rushed you could describe your life as being hectic, or your day.Alternatives are. frantic, chaotic, frenzied, heated, wild, excited, furious, fevered, animated, turbulent, flurrying, frenetic, boisterous, feverish, tumultuous,flustering, riotous, rumbustious. Hopefully now if you are one of the 72,000 people a year looking up definition hectic in the search engines, you may now be a bit nearer understanding. DEFINITION HECTIC

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Definition of Hectic