The Most Effective Technique To Ease The Pain Of A Breakup And Pull Your Ex Back

After a breakup, everyone will tell you there are plenty of other men out there that would love to meet a woman like you. They mean well, but you don’t want any other man, you want your ex boyfriend back. So, you start to avoid your friends and their advice, but that only makes you feel lonelier. But fortunately there is an effective technique to not only ease your pain but pull your ex back, as well.

A breakup is never easy, both parties involved get hurt and feel sorry for the things that were said in the heat of anger. It is easy to think of how you feel, but usually you do not realize your former partner is hurting too. The old saying that time heals all wounds is true. In time your broken heart will heal and you have to give your ex boyfriend time to heal also.

The most effective technique to ease the pain of a breakup and pull your ex back is to accept the breakup and go on with your life. This might sound like you are giving up all hope of getting your ex boyfriend back, but it will be pulling him back. Trying to get him to talk to you, will not work right after a breakup, but showing you respect his wishes will work wonders.


Breakups cause tension and bad feelings. But if you leave him alone the tension and his bad feeling toward you will begin to fade. When you give your ex boyfriend time to think of the good times you had together you allow him to begin to regret the breakup. He could never do that if you kept pressuring him and demanding he tell you the reason for the breakup.

Another effective technique to ease the pain of a breakup and pull your ex back is to get out and have some fun. You can’t just sit around and hope your ex will call, that will only increase your frustration. Your ex boyfriend is keeping an eye on you and showing him you are not going to sit and wait on him may give him an urgency to contact you.

A breakup does not mean love has died. You are still in love with him and your ex boyfriend still has feelings for you. By making yourself available to other men, he will realize he could lose you for good. You will also be showing him the image of a woman that is strong and confident. This is the sort of woman he will want by his side in future years.

By staying busy and not showing your ex boyfriend signs of weakness you will be doing both of you a favor. This is how you can ease the pain of a breakup and be pulling your ex back.

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